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Content Ideas for Planning Holiday Marketing with Instagram influencer

For Instagram creators, this is the perfect time to promote their favorite products, services and sales to help inspire their followers to shop. For brands it's also a time for you to know which influencer KOLs your audience will love for holiday marketing and how to create content for Instagram post ideas. Below IZEA summarizes some of the most popular post topics from the past for brand marketers to consider. First, make sure you've put together a holiday content calendar that works for you. This will help you plan your content in an organized manner without feeling overwhelmed with what to post and when. The next step is to target content topics that are relevant to your products and brand. It's important to work with influencer content for holiday tangents. Take a look at what kind of content hashtags are most popular for holidays abroad! Holiday Gift List Recommendations An easy way to collaborate with influencer to share holiday content on Instagram is to use your existing KOL connections. Many brands are promoting amazing direct deals this slot, and you can get them to share links to those purchases through sponsored posts or membership codes. But on the topic of working with influencer, it's even better to speak from the influencer blogger's perspective and include your brand or product in the best gift list. This can be better accepted and reached by consumers who want to buy. Showcase favorite holiday outfits If you are a fashion brand or an online celebrity in a related field, now is the time to share your favorite holiday outfit ideas with your followers and audience. Content about holiday outfits is always one of the most searched types of content in this marketing slot. For example, through online celebrities sharing some of their favorite brands with matching outfits together for holiday events (e.g. parties, dinners, shopping trips, etc.). Usually fashion and beauty brands will join the slot to cleverly collaborate deeply with netizen bloggers, not only sharing fashion trends for holiday wear, but also sponsoring some super netizen's year-end events to influence every audience searching for holiday-themed content. Holiday Staging and Space Decor With several year-end heavy holidays coming up for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, content on how to decorate a room, inspiration for staging, and more is very popular. Regardless of your brand's style, the online fans you work with want to see how they recreate their spaces and decorate their homes with unexpected creative touches. During the holiday season, many home brands, small appliances, etc. book their influencer slots in advance. Plan ahead with creative content, create content from a home decorating content perspective, gift and DIY perspective, and wait for a surge in search volume to gain free natural exposure and traffic, which can be twice the effort. Promotion and goodies sharing As a brand don't miss this best slot for influencer sharing sales. Many KOLs in the goodies sharing category know that the two months at the end of the year are the best sales period, and will share attractive cheap goodies, promotional discounts, and trial experiences according to different attributes and needs of the holidays. Holiday season is not only the busiest time for netizens, but also the best marketing window for brands to clear their sales at the end of the year. Choosing the most suitable category to plant the influencer can be very effective. The Instagram snap feature provides a less curated and more trustworthy form of content for people, allowing audiences to learn how to use the product through a influencer, or a influencer KOL can tell them why you should buy it for yourself (or someone else) this holiday season. A great example of this is lifestyle blogger Krista Horton, who has shared a lot of promotional product seeding content and made amazing sales through Instagram Story. Develop a Year in Review Showcases highlights of your best content throughout the year. It brings a new perspective to your best content and can attract more followers. It can be your popular photos forming a rotating post or some clips of your Reels from the year. for online celebrity bloggers, this type of content is what fans look forward to at the end of the year, and as such a content format becomes more and more popular, implanting this type of content has become a creative point for some smart brands when marketing with online celebrity bloggers at the end of the year. About IZEA Global influencer Marketing IZEA Worldwide, Inc. ("IZEA") is a marketing technology company that provides software and professional services that enable brands to collaborate and transact with a full range of today's socially influential influencer KOLs and content creators. The company is a pioneer in the evolving commercialization of content, enabling self-publishers to create value through their content, creativity and influence. IZEA launched the industry's first influencer content marketing platform in 2006 and has since facilitated nearly 4 million transactions between online brand buyers and influencer content creators. Leading brands and agencies around the world have partnered with...
Simon Gao
November 24, 2022
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Skiing has become one of the most popular winter sports in the world, and with an estimated 14 million skiers in the United States alone, the sport has a huge following. Whether you want to follow the movements of avid skiers, learn various tricks from impressive athletes, or brands wishing to collaborate with these skiing netizens, take a look at these skiing netizen KOLs' content recommended by IZEA and you will surely be inspired. Candide Thovex Candide is a professional freestyle skier, entrepreneur and French filmmaker. Widely regarded as the best in the world, Candide is also a celebrity KOL on Instagram for skiing. whether he's showing off his most incredible jumps, racing down the steepest slopes in Switzerland, or showing off his slope workouts in Montana, Candide always has his fans wildly enthralled. Aksel Lund Svindal Aksel is a World Cup alpine skier and a two-time Olympic gold medalist from Norway. On Instagram, Aksel took to the alpine slopes of Norway, where he simulcast his season performance on social media at the start of the Alpine season and promoted his life story in Austria on the big screen. Felix Neureuther Felix is a German alpine skier and nature lover. For his 459,000 Instagram followers, Felix showed views from the top, instructed children's ski camps and promoted his National Geographic book, which contains stunning images collected from his globe-trotting adventures. Henrik Harlaut Henrik is a Swedish professional freestyle skier, Olympic medalist and 13-time X Game medalist. Henrik has documented all of his skiing adventures for his Instagram fans, including slopestyle tricks and jumps, aerial spins, and his bronze medal win in Beijing. ...
Simon Gao
September 30, 2022
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IZEA Marketing Class:6 common types of Instagram online celebrity marketing campaigns

Instagram marketing will continue to be a hot trend. According to Insider Intelligence, Instagram's user base will grow by 4% this year to reach 128.3 million users. Brands looking to reach these users have expressed a desire to work with Instagrammers to share their products and services with their audience. According to IZEA Insights: Trust in Influencer Marketing, more than 45.4% of 30-44 year olds said they purchased a brand new product because they read an influential blogger's post, and there is no doubt that influencer creators exert influence over their followers' purchasing decisions. This is an exciting trend for marketers and netizens alike! 6 Types of Instagram influencer KOL Campaigns Plan your next Instagram influencer KOL campaign with the following overview of the most common forms of creator-brand partnerships: Brand-Imbedded Content Partnerships Sponsored social media content involves an influential KOL creating content on behalf of a brand and promoting it on their subscription feed. This typically includes a dedicated brand message and call-to-action to encourage followers to purchase the product. Branded social content posts can take the form of still photos, rotating posts, Reels, Instagram Stories, or any combination of the above. ...
Simon Gao
September 16, 2022
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IZEA recommends 10 Instagram beauty celebrity KOLs

IZEA found that beauty bloggers come from a variety of backgrounds, some are makeup artists, aestheticians or makeup product developers who have studied the art of makeup. Others are self-taught content creators who simply enjoy experimenting with makeup, have a keen interest in different beauty products, and have unique beauty tips. IZEA recommends 10 beauty expert KOLs who welcome collaboration These 10 beauty bloggers have attracted millions of followers for their innovative beauty tips, product reviews and sharing brand promo codes. Maryam Remias Maryam's 106,000 Instagram followers follow her makeup videos, which cover everything from eye shadow and choosing a creamy blush to removing makeup and nighttime skin care. The IZEA-registered Internet celebrity also shares tutorials on how she uses hair products. For makeup beginners, she literally offers a virtual live video beauty training session. With her gorgeous hair, Lexi Jackson is a natural beauty KOL who has attracted a huge following by trying out different products on herself. Growing up as a mixed-race woman, she hated her curly hair, but as she grew older, she learned how to use her curls to her advantage while showing off her unique appeal. The IZEA collaborative web star eventually began her own blogging career recommending her favorite hair essentials, including microfiber hair towels, combing brushes and headbands to prevent breakage and frizz. Jody Leigh For those wondering if certain beauty products work as advertised, Jody's reviews can provide some insight. She reviews a range of products, including light therapy masks, exfoliating serums, DIY nail extension kits and hair care treatments. The beauty maven also offers advice on self-care and wellness products, such as CBD gummies and scented candles made with essential oils rather than synthetic chemicals. Sayble Like many beauty KOLs, Sayble eventually created her own line of products to meet the needs of her fans. But in addition to eyelash products, she's also reviewing many other beauty essentials for her 44K Instagram followers - like lip color and cleansers, makeup video tutorials including Halloween makeup and daytime commuter makeup, and more. Vicky Alvarez, who defines herself as a "beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel" blogger, epitomizes the appeal of her account with Vicky and her adorable dog model. For Instagrammers who want to learn her look, she names her favorite skincare and fashion brands. Fans love her mummy look for Halloween and are often urged to update her videos. Amanda Amanda says her mission is to "prove the appeal of an organic and healthy lifestyle," and her Instagram posts seem to prove it. In addition to starting her own beauty, food and wellness company, she shares some of her favorite products, such as hair masks and body washes. Her husband Kyle even makes a cameo appearance in her video about product recommendations for men. Abiola Abiola's Instagram feed offers a variety of product recommendations, skincare tips and how-to videos filled with useful information in the beauty category. In her content, Abiola often posts unique skincare tips and knowledge, such as "What is retinol?" and how to do neck care for people of color. Since Abiola and some of her fans have hyperpigmentation issues, she often discusses with her fans how to effectively treat topical pigmentation. ...
Simon Gao
August 31, 2022
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IZEA Marketing Class: How to make content on TikTok and Instagram more searchable

According to a report by Business Insider, 40% of Gen Z users prefer to search using TikTok and Instagram, despite Google's best efforts to attract a younger audience to the search engine. Regardless of the demographics they target, brands with a presence on both platforms should very much welcome this shift in user search habits. And then with this change, brands need to make content on TikTok and Instagram more searchable. Brands looking to increase their natural content exposure on TikTok and Instagram need to improve their social media SEO strategies to make their brand or business more discoverable to users browsing. The algorithms of these platforms are always being optimized to try to provide users with the most relevant content. Tips for making TikTok and Instagram content more searchable Use these tips to make TikTok and Instagram content more discoverable and searchable by users Use relevant hashtags Using thematic hashtags in your posts is one of the easiest ways to increase your visibility and reach on social media. They help users find content, conversations and communities through search. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, which you can suggest yourself or find with the help of multiple hashtag generator tools. While TikTok does not limit the number of hashtags you can use, captions are limited to 100 characters. If there is not enough space in the title, you can post hashtags in the comments, but they will not be as effective. Choosing hashtags can be a challenge, but you can start by asking these three questions: Who is our target audience? What is our goal for this post? (Do you want to gain followers, drive traffic to your site, get shares, sell products, or increase downloads?) What subject tags are currently popular? If in doubt, use a combination of broad or niche-targeted hashtags. Need an example? On TikTok, brands selling shoes made of eco-friendly materials may want to use #sustainablefashion, #veganshoes, #veganfashion, #vegantiktok, #crueltyfreefashion...
Simon Gao
August 29, 2022
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Instagram Launches Payments Feature in Its Chat Conversations to Boost Social E-Commerce

Instagram is capturing a higher share of social commerce sales by adding a new payment feature to conversational messaging, which makes it easier to buy products on Instagram. The Instagram payment feature allows shoppers to send messages directly to brands and then pay and track their orders within the same chat tool. Social eCommerce Data Trends Before exploring Instagram's new payment tool, let's take a look at the growth of social eCommerce to understand why Instagram invested in it. Statistics show that social e-commerce is here to stay and is growing rapidly. Experts predict that social e-commerce will grow three times faster than traditional e-commerce. According to Insider Intelligence, the chart below shows that by 2025, 108 million U.S. shoppers will make purchases through social media, representing 37.9 percent of the population. With so many shoppers using social media to discover products, research and watch reviews, influencer content is also relevant to consumers' purchase decisions on social media. Instagram Launches Chat Payments Instagram has launched chat payments to give small business owners the opportunity to make sales through direct chat messaging or DMs. How to make a chat payment in Instagram A shopper contacts a business to ask about a product. The brand and product are placed in a conversation to answer the customer's questions. If the shopper is interested in buying, the business owner can send a payment link directly to the shopper in the chat to receive payment, after which the company sends the product to the user. The same thread for each customer inquiry is automatically recorded and the merchant can update the tracking customer information or serve as a window for customer post-sales support for questions after the product is received. Benefits of Paying with Instagram for Chat This new feature gives shoppers and brands the opportunity to easily connect and make sales. The benefits of these features include: Simplified checkout: Consumers can go from browsing to chat to purchase, all by sending a direct message to the company. Businesses have another way to sell: any business can use it after a short setup process. This feature provides another way for companies to connect with their customers and make direct sales. Personalized attention: DM is a personalized message, which means customers can get one-on-one attention from their favorite brands. Set up payments in the chat...
Simon Gao
August 24, 2022
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IZEA recommends 10 popular tech product KOLs on Instagram

Do you want to know the latest iPhone reviews? Are you interested in tech products, gaming consoles and the latest wireless devices? Is your tech brand looking to connect with tech-savvy influencer KOLs? No matter what type of tech products your brand makes, these top tech Instagram review weblebrities will meet your collaboration requirements and produce engaging reviews and tech analysis content. IZEA recommends 10 overseas tech KOLs who welcome collaboration Delia aka Tech Unicorn Delia, aka Tech Unicorn, is a complete "digital nomad" who invites her fans to join her in the magical world of technology. She's a Google engineer by day, but when she's off duty, she combines her love of travel with remote work, as seen in her video about the highest paying remote tech jobs. Delia offers her fans her tips on building websites, learning to code, and more. Marques Brownlee Marques specializes in researching and studying the hottest tech tools and tech solutions on the market. His informative videos, product reviews and interviews with industry luminaries have earned Marques a staggering 3.6 million Instagram followers. Judner Aura Judner is a top video and technology creator focused on gaming who posts content on a range of technology topics and product reviews. His 300,000 Instagram followers follow everything Judner posts, from old gaming devices and state-of-the-art robotics to opinions and predictions about technological changes that increase the speed of the Internet that attract the attention of tech gurus. Lewis Hilsenteger Lewis loves getting in touch with the latest and most sought-after high-tech discoveries and presenting them to his fans. Lewis is a mega-influential tech KOL whose Instagram account is called "Unboxing Therapy" and whose fans are always eager to see the latest and greatest tech items, such as health tech bracelets, futuristic ovens and Robo Vacs, as well as his reviews and opinions on the products on his account. To date, Unboxing Therapy has surpassed 2.3 million followers. Safwan Ahmedmia aka SuperSaf...
Simon Gao
August 17, 2022
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What do you think of when you think of a trip around the world? Exotic locations; evening dinners by the sea; comfortable and sophisticated hotels? While such luxury travel may be out of reach for us ordinary people, it can still be experienced through the videos or photos of super travel celebrity KOLs on social media. Moreover, by following some of the top travel bloggers, you can also benefit from knowing where the niche and sophisticated travel destinations are now, what they are doing, and seeing their recommendations on travel styles, local food and culture. Here are the 10 most popular travel bloggers recommended by IZEA. IZEA recommends 10 travel bloggers in Europe and the US who welcome brand partnerships Murad and Nataly Osmann Murad and Nataly are the husband and wife bloggers behind the oft-imitated "Follow Me To" photo, which shows the heroine pulling the photographer towards a beautiful destination. to a beautiful destination. They are top luxury travel celebrities with over 3.6 million followers and have worked with numerous brands. They were named KOL of the Year by Forbes and one of the top three travel celebrity bloggers in the world. Kiersten Rich Kiersten, aka The Blonde Abroad, quit her corporate finance job and set out to travel the world. It seemed like a dream, but she is turning it into a reality. In addition to inspiring her 520,000 Instagram followers with her beautiful pictures, the blogger has also started her own women's travel company or gained the attention of many female followers. Naomi Jane Adams...
Simon Gao
July 21, 2022
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Case:IZEA and pet brand Nylabon launch pet online marketing campaign in North America

IZEA just wrapped up our overseas celebrity marketing campaign with Nylabone Pet Brands to raise product awareness of their Dura Chew line of chew toys and spread the word that durable pet chew toys can help stabilize anxious dogs. The goal of the campaign was to demonstrate how Nylabone's Dura Chew toys can calm dogs in situations that come with stress and emotional distress, such as the psychological anxiety their owners have experienced over the past few years as their pets return home after traveling for work. The dogs stole the show on social media with this successful Pet influencer marketing campaign, with their adorable content generating a 49.05% content interaction rate. Since August 2021, IZEA's online marketing campaign for Nylabone has attracted over 1.46 million followers and received 422K interactions. How IZEA got cute pets to create pop-up content We invited dog owners to create 12 puppy-approved content on Instagram, showcasing their new toys. IZEA...
Simon Gao
July 13, 2022
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IZEA Marketing Class : How to play with Instagram's full-screen homepage short videos

Today short videos are playing an increasingly important role in everyone's lives. 96% of people say they have increased their viewing time of short videos and now spend an average of 100 minutes a day watching short online video content. As user demand for video grows, social media platforms such as Instagram are drawing attention. To stay ahead of the competition, the platform is testing a new full-screen content stream. What is Instagram's full-screen content stream? In an effort to provide a more immersive video experience, Instagram has introduced a full-screen homepage content stream. A small percentage of Instagram users will see 9 x 16 videos and photos, meaning the content displayed will be larger than usual and take up the entire screen. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, announced an update to the app, explaining how the platform will shift its focus to being more friendly to Short videos are more friendly: Instagram says most of the navigation in the app will remain the same, with buttons at the top and bottom of the screen. Experts believe that Instagram will eventually incorporate all content types into this updated layout, making it easier for users to browse more content in a scrollable feed and allowing content creators and online KOLs to better collaborate with brands to produce native content. The feature is currently only in beta, but experts predict this new feature will become mainstream in the coming months. What's driving user demand for short videos? You don't have to look hard for statistics that prove the impact of short-form video; the way people access information about video content is already a fact of life. IZEA lists a few statistics below to prove it: 85%...
Simon Gao
July 5, 2022