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How to Find Overseas influencer KOL on TikTok

Over the years, TikTok has become the social platform of choice for millennials. If they are part of your target audience, then TikTok should be an important part of your marketing strategy. However, as the number of TikTok users and weblebrities has grown by leaps and bounds, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to find a target audience and the right weblebrity to work with. While collaborating with super influencer on TikTok still works, it is often easier to produce desirable marketing results with overseas waifs or KOCs with smaller fan bases to create a real connection with a pendant audience as the price tag continues to climb. What is a local online celebrity KOL? Overseas local online celebrity KOLs are celebrity bloggers located near the actual markets that brands and products target. They usually have more than 10,000 precise as well as highly engaged followers in the same area. They tend to post more targeted content, thus increasing engagement. Overseas local influencer marketing with scale is perfect for small businesses looking to attract new customers or connect with existing customers. How to find local influential online celebrity KOLs overseas? Use these tips provided by IZEA to find influential bloggers on TikTok for your brand: 1. TikTok Search When trying to find micro-niche on TikTok, searching within the official app is certainly effective and accurate. After logging into your account, click on the search bar in the upper right corner. Type in the name of a celebrity or category, then your location, and then select the "Users" option. Scroll through the list of accounts and even filter by criteria to narrow down your search to get a list of the webmasters you want to find. 2. For You page recommendations If your brand account is active and regularly interacts with content in your niche or created from nearby locations, then the For You page may be helpful. This page displays content and accounts that are relevant to your interests, segments and locations. 3. Hashtags Hashtags are a great way to find webloggers in your location and niche. You can enter a hashtag in the search bar and scroll through the list of content, or go to the "Hashtags" option and search for that hashtag and other similar hashtags. Including #ad will show you sponsored content that the creator has already posted. When searching for a hashtag in a segment, the more specific the better. Broader hashtags can provide insight into overall content trends, but when searching for online celebrities and bloggers (especially local KOLs), differentiation may give you the desired results. 4. 4. Keywords As with subject tags, targeted keywords can be used to find influential webloggers in your target location and segment. The two results will be very similar, but the keyword search results may contain content not found in the subject tag and vice versa. 5....
Simon Gao
November 28, 2022
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Content Ideas for Planning Holiday Marketing with Instagram influencer

For Instagram creators, this is the perfect time to promote their favorite products, services and sales to help inspire their followers to shop. For brands it's also a time for you to know which influencer KOLs your audience will love for holiday marketing and how to create content for Instagram post ideas. Below IZEA summarizes some of the most popular post topics from the past for brand marketers to consider. First, make sure you've put together a holiday content calendar that works for you. This will help you plan your content in an organized manner without feeling overwhelmed with what to post and when. The next step is to target content topics that are relevant to your products and brand. It's important to work with influencer content for holiday tangents. Take a look at what kind of content hashtags are most popular for holidays abroad! Holiday Gift List Recommendations An easy way to collaborate with influencer to share holiday content on Instagram is to use your existing KOL connections. Many brands are promoting amazing direct deals this slot, and you can get them to share links to those purchases through sponsored posts or membership codes. But on the topic of working with influencer, it's even better to speak from the influencer blogger's perspective and include your brand or product in the best gift list. This can be better accepted and reached by consumers who want to buy. Showcase favorite holiday outfits If you are a fashion brand or an online celebrity in a related field, now is the time to share your favorite holiday outfit ideas with your followers and audience. Content about holiday outfits is always one of the most searched types of content in this marketing slot. For example, through online celebrities sharing some of their favorite brands with matching outfits together for holiday events (e.g. parties, dinners, shopping trips, etc.). Usually fashion and beauty brands will join the slot to cleverly collaborate deeply with netizen bloggers, not only sharing fashion trends for holiday wear, but also sponsoring some super netizen's year-end events to influence every audience searching for holiday-themed content. Holiday Staging and Space Decor With several year-end heavy holidays coming up for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, content on how to decorate a room, inspiration for staging, and more is very popular. Regardless of your brand's style, the online fans you work with want to see how they recreate their spaces and decorate their homes with unexpected creative touches. During the holiday season, many home brands, small appliances, etc. book their influencer slots in advance. Plan ahead with creative content, create content from a home decorating content perspective, gift and DIY perspective, and wait for a surge in search volume to gain free natural exposure and traffic, which can be twice the effort. Promotion and goodies sharing As a brand don't miss this best slot for influencer sharing sales. Many KOLs in the goodies sharing category know that the two months at the end of the year are the best sales period, and will share attractive cheap goodies, promotional discounts, and trial experiences according to different attributes and needs of the holidays. Holiday season is not only the busiest time for netizens, but also the best marketing window for brands to clear their sales at the end of the year. Choosing the most suitable category to plant the influencer can be very effective. The Instagram snap feature provides a less curated and more trustworthy form of content for people, allowing audiences to learn how to use the product through a influencer, or a influencer KOL can tell them why you should buy it for yourself (or someone else) this holiday season. A great example of this is lifestyle blogger Krista Horton, who has shared a lot of promotional product seeding content and made amazing sales through Instagram Story. Develop a Year in Review Showcases highlights of your best content throughout the year. It brings a new perspective to your best content and can attract more followers. It can be your popular photos forming a rotating post or some clips of your Reels from the year. for online celebrity bloggers, this type of content is what fans look forward to at the end of the year, and as such a content format becomes more and more popular, implanting this type of content has become a creative point for some smart brands when marketing with online celebrity bloggers at the end of the year. About IZEA Global influencer Marketing IZEA Worldwide, Inc. ("IZEA") is a marketing technology company that provides software and professional services that enable brands to collaborate and transact with a full range of today's socially influential influencer KOLs and content creators. The company is a pioneer in the evolving commercialization of content, enabling self-publishers to create value through their content, creativity and influence. IZEA launched the industry's first influencer content marketing platform in 2006 and has since facilitated nearly 4 million transactions between online brand buyers and influencer content creators. Leading brands and agencies around the world have partnered with...
Simon Gao
November 24, 2022
IZEA OVERSEAS GAME influencerBlog Resources


E-sports are one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Since entering the mainstream, competitive gaming has soared in popularity, especially among the under-40 crowd. The industry is expected to be worth nearly $2 billion by 2023, with viewers of top events reaching tens of millions. These eSports online players also have the opportunity to create content for a large fan base and aspiring tournaments as their popularity rises. These eSports KOLs use their gaming skills and ability to connect with fans to promote the sport. IZEA recommends Johan Sundstein, a popular eSports online gaming KOL overseas Johan, often known by his eSports name n0tail, is the richest eSports gamer in the world, having grossed nearly $7 million since he started playing Dota 2. The 29-year-old Dane won the International eSports Championship, winning four Dota 2 tournaments in 2018 and 2019. Johan shares his insights and experiences in eSports events on his YouTube channel, which has over 167,000 subscribers. His channel features gameplay from his events. Mendo Lukas "Mendokusaii" is a professional gamer and eSports content creator for Team Liquid. He works on...
Simon Gao
November 18, 2022
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For brands that are just starting to dabble in online marketing campaigns, it's crucial to understand how to measure success metrics. After all, finding the perfect content creator and planning an impactful marketing strategy are only part of the job. Whether you're looking to learn about hashtag KPIs, audience growth, or how to track click-through rates, read on to learn how and why to track influencer marketing KPIs. Why Tracking influencer Marketing Core Metrics is So Important As with any marketing campaign, your team needs to know what they're doing right and where there's room for growth. Analyzing quantifiable data metrics can save you time and money, and identify questions that may impact your future influencer marketing strategy, including: Should we continue to build a relationship with this influential influencer? Are our campaigns having a positive impact on our target audience? What is the return on our investment? Would other forms of marketing be more effective in terms of time, money and efficiency? Are we meeting the goals of this impactful marketing campaign? What adjustments should we make to our influencer marketing strategy? Many analytics tools are available through social media platforms, but savvy brands know that it pays to leverage third-party cross-channel marketing platforms. These tools provide an end-to-end influencer marketing solution for everything from social listening and campaign management to content amplification and analytics, and can provide a one-stop middle office for everything you need before, during and after a influencer campaign. Netmarketing KPIs to track These tools provide an end-to-end Netmarketing solution for everything from social listening and campaign management to content amplification and analysis, providing a one-stop shop for everything you need before, during and after a Netmarketing campaign. Brand awareness Brand exposure In the media-saturated world of the Internet, it is not enough to simply make your company or brand famous. The concept of brand awareness goes beyond name recognition to measure consumer familiarity with your logo, images or the unique qualities of your products and services. For the purpose of influencer marketing analytics, you can measure brand awareness through three metrics: Audience growth Before and after your campaign, visit your influencer profile to calculate the number of "common" followers. The difference will reflect the number of followers you have gained from your partnerships. Reach and...
Simon Gao
November 16, 2022
Overseas web3 marketingBlog Resources

What can IZEA's Web3 team do for your brand?

As a North American company deeply involved in Web3 marketing and social media technology solutions, IZEA is familiar with the Web3 marketing space. With Web3 trends and clients, IZEA has a team of experts who know all the products and technology services of cryptocurrency, NFT, and the meta-universe very well. We can help your brand get started in the metaverse or take your Web3 marketing efforts to the next level. "It is well known that Web3 is revolutionizing the Internet and creating new models for brands to interact with potential customers," said Rob Crumpler, Senior Client Partner and Head of Blockchain Industry at IZEA. Want to learn more? Here's how we can help Web3 businesses with their marketing: Discovery Discovery If you're not completely convinced of the power of Web3 marketing, we have some success stories as well as guidance on how your brand can access great business opportunities. Our Web3 team offers consulting and resource matching that can connect you with technology providers. Strategy Strategy Our influencer marketing experts can help you launch your brand's NFT strategy or help develop a strategy for your campaign. We also help clients brainstorm, plan and produce social media content to drive marketing results for your brand and product launches. Development Outreach From creative concept conception to strategy execution, we've got you covered. We will provide support for Web3 marketing channels, as well as assist in the design and build of metaverse products. Execution Execution Through IZEA's collaboration with a wide range of online agencies and our resource pool, we can help you find the best online blogger KOLs and celebrities to promote your brand project. We can amplify the exposure of your Web3 weblebrity content through paid media for optimal results, providing in-depth data insights to measure its success. About IZEA Global influencer Marketing IZEA Worldwide, Inc. ("IZEA") is a marketing technology company that provides software and professional services that enable brands to achieve a full range of partnerships and deals with today's socially influential influencer KOLs and content creators. The company is a pioneer in the evolving commercialization of content, enabling self-publishers to create value through their content, creativity and influence. IZEA was founded in 2006...
Simon Gao
November 10, 2022
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As a marketer for a brand, do you often think about the goals and expectations for brand ambassador campaigns? After hiring brand ambassadors, how can you engage them in official brand topic challenges and campaigns? to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. If you are looking for fresh, creative ideas, read the strategies proposed by IZEA below, and you can ask your online celebrity bloggers to refer to the following activities - and check out our brand ambassador campaign examples. 1. Try a branded hashtag challenge A branded hashtag challenge can help you gain more natural exposure across your social media channels. The key to planning is to create a unique, engaging hashtag with your team and invite brand ambassadors to participate. As an example, IZEA helped restaurant chain Chipotole invite YouTube sensation David Dobrik to participate in Chipotle's #ChipotleLidFlip challenge with his 26.2 million followers to encourage consumers to experience a quick ordering service by ordering takeout from the restaurant. It was a fun, non-forced sales approach to engage customers and naturally drive sales results. 2. Offer discount sharing codes to brand ambassadors Everyone on social media loves to get more valuable promotional exclusive discounts from them. This makes it a mainstream marketing approach for brand ambassadors to share a unique discount code with their social media followers. If the creators in your brand ambassador program are part of your affiliate network marketing program, they will earn a commission on every sale generated within the campaign. This type of CPS partnership is a win-win for everyone. Jenni Farley, better known as "JWoww" to her fans on the Jersey Shore, is a health and fitness maven who shared a discount code for her favorite nutritional shake brand with her fans, generating huge sales for the brand in a short period of time. 3. Ask brand ambassadors to share official brand posts When online celebrities share your brand's latest blog posts, content or products on their social media accounts, they showcase your brand to their community of fans. Sharing a post or two is easy for brand ambassadors, making it an effortless but highly rewarding form of collaboration. In addition, consistent support and interaction pages from online KOLs for your brand are a great way to increase awareness. For example, this activity can be done by reposting the brand's official Instagram snap, tweet or video on Instagram Reels, which will not only gain a lot of exposure, but also attract more new followers to the brand's official account. 4. Let brand ambassadors showcase your latest products Send your latest products to ambassadors and let them share pictures, write reviews or take videos of them in use. For example, Gymshark found fitness celebrity Analis...
Simon Gao
November 7, 2022
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Yoga exercise has become one of the most fashionable and effective workouts in the world. People are sharing their love of yoga on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Check out how these top yoga bloggers below are sharing their personal fitness journeys and teaching home yoga workouts. The content of these yoga KOLs on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube has received a lot of love from yoga enthusiasts and many yoga apparel brands. IZEA recommends 8 of the most popular overseas yoga KOLs Jessamyn - @mynameisjessamyn As the creator of the lower abdominal yoga pose, Jessamyn is one of the most influential black yoga internet celebrities who shows her Instagram followers her passion for yoga and an active lifestyle. Jessamyn promotes body positivity and making exercise fun. In addition to her yoga content, she is also the author of "Yoke" and co-host of the podcast dearjessamyn. Jessamyn is a great example of a yoga celebrity on Instagram, not only does she receive a lot of offers from brands to collaborate with her, but her content is also approachable and relevant to her followers' needs. Cathy Madeo This top yoga blogger is well known among her TikTok fans for her informative content and detailed video tutorials on yoga poses. Cathy is known for her all-inclusive content and reminds fans that anyone is capable of practicing yoga. She posts yoga classes for all levels. Her posts are also known for being quick and easy to understand. Kino MacGregor works as a writer, podcaster, teacher and...
Simon Gao
November 4, 2022
IZEA influencer MARKETING TOOLSBlog Press Releases

IZEA Launches Creator Marketplace®, a New influencer Marketing Tool

(NASDAQ: IZEA), the leading provider of online celebrity marketing technology, data and services for the world's leading brands and agencies, today announced the launch of The Creator Marketplace ® on (NASDAQ: IZEA), the premier provider of online marketing technology, data and services for the world's leading brands and agencies, today announced the launch of The Creator Marketplace ® on First announced at last month's "SUPERCHANGED" streaming event, the newly revamped allows brands and agencies to easily search and filter the list of creators and bloggers across the platform that meet their online marketing campaign requirements. IZEA's Improved Features for Marketers and Creators The fully upgraded influencer creator profiles give marketers access to more content and deeper BrandGraph® insights than ever before. Creator and blogger profiles bring together creators' social attribution tags, the brands and topics they post about, and their follower profile statistics. The new Casting Calls feature provides a two-way marketplace for marketers and web creators to find and collaborate with each other. Marketers use Casting Calls to solicit engagement for everything from influencer marketing sponsorship programs to full time jobs. Creators can also respond to Casting Calls with video and text pitches, as well as respond to survey questions from marketers to build collaboration. Casting Calls," said Ted Murphy, CEO and founder of IZEA...
Simon Gao
November 2, 2022
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Today, brands and online celebrities are working more closely together than ever before. According to Insider Intelligence, influencer marketing is a $5 billion industry. While the relationship between influencer and brands has always been a win-win, the FTC's guiding policies for influencer marketing are important for both brands and bloggers themselves to be aware of compliance. FTC (Federal Trade Commission) The Federal Trade Commission is an independent U.S. government agency established in 1914. Its main mission is to promote consumer protection and eliminate anti-competitive business practices such as forced monopolies. In response to online marketing on social media, the FTC has also worked in recent years to regulate and limit the incidence of deceptive advertising. As a result, the FTC requires influential celebrities to publicly announce their partnerships with brands. For example, Kim Kardashian was fined $1.26 million for failing to disclose information about a brand partnership to her Instagram followers that resulted in her being paid for endorsing and promoting a cryptocurrency, EMAX. The FTC's influencer marketing guidelines and disclosure rules can be a bit confusing and difficult to understand. To provide assistance with legal support, IZEA has distilled some highlights and help to your understanding of the proposed guidance. Below is a list of when, how and where you need to disclose a influencer-brand relationship, as well as some additional tips and suggestions. The FTC's Guide to Marketing to Online Celebrities Under what circumstances must an online celebrity blogger disclose his or her relationship with a brand? According to the FTC's Guidance for Social Media influencer Creators101, if a influencer blogger has any financial, personal, employment or family relationship with a brand, that connection must be disclosed and made public to followers. influencer bloggers must also inform their followers if the brand does any of the following: The brand offers a free product to the influencer KOL. The brand pays the influencer creator to be an endorser of the product. The brand offers any valuable trade-in or benefit to the influencer blogger, such as an invitation to an event or an early opportunity to sell the product. How do you make compliant disclosures? The FTC says that as an online celebrity blogger, you need to disclose your relationship with a brand in a "can't miss" manner. Here are some do's and don'ts, according to the FTC's social media guidelines: DO Three tips on what to do: Use words that are easy for followers to understand. Use keyword terms such as ads, paid ads, brand sponsors and brand ambassadors. ...
Simon Gao
October 28, 2022
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If you're considering using influencer marketing to boost exposure and product sales - either as a content creator or a brand that works with them - you've probably heard that it can be a very effective marketing tool. But does influencer marketing really work? Whether as a creator or a brand looking for a more accurate understanding of current trends in influencer KOLs and consumer audiences, some of the questions that go over and over in the mind of everyone entering the industry are, for example, can you make money from content if you are not a famous head influencer personality, superstar or professional influential expert? How many people trust influencer's product recommendations in the current consumer buying trend? To answer the above questions, let's take a look at some of the latest influencer marketing statistics from IZEA, and I believe you will naturally have the answers. 52% of influencer Creators Earn Significant Income from Part-Time Work In a recent Linktree survey of influencer creators, more than half of those earning between $50,000 and $100,000 a year said they spend less than 10 hours a week on content creation. That's considered a pretty good income for a part-time blogger. In the same survey, nearly half (48%) of those earning between $100,000 and $500,000 per year spend more than 10 hours per week on content creation. It's safe to say that creators' income is determined by the quality of their content, their niche, and how they market it. But in general, there is plenty of evidence that online marketing pays enough for many content creators to cover their day-to-day expenses and earn a relatively decent income. Content creators can generate more revenue from brand partnerships If you represent a brand that is researching potential partnerships with content creators, don't overlook niche KOLs. weblebrities that cater to specific segments actually generate 14% of their revenue from marketing compared to broad content creators (compared to 9% for pan-content creators). From a brand perspective, it's important to understand that more companies are working with tail-end and small- to medium-sized weblebrities rather than those with big-name celebrity weblebrities. Research shows that by 2024, 14% of brands' influencer marketing budgets will be spent on these influencer segments. 36% of consumers say the only way they try new products is to search for endorsements from influential weblebrities Everyone follows influential bloggers. In fact, research shows that 92% of consumers have a list of content creators they follow. When influencers speak, their audience listens and trusts. Currently, 36% of consumers are discovering and trying new products through online marketing alone. With the rise of these content endorsements, experts believe this trend will continue and increase consumer and trust. When skincare brand Olay launched the 28-Day Challenge, it partnered with social media celebrities, including Jennifer Oni, who used the company's products and documented their experiences throughout the process. Not only did the brand see a 20% increase in engagement, but it also saw a 22% increase in monthly Google searches throughout the month. Most ad campaigns deliver a high return on your investment. Statistically, well-executed and representative online marketing campaigns can generate over 6.50 per $1 spent...
Simon Gao
October 24, 2022