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When it comes to marketing on overseas short-form video platforms, content interaction between overseas brands and their overseas target audiences should be one of the most important parts of doing a TikTok marketing strategy. Finding a way to authentically interact with your users in TikTok video content is very effective, and it allows the web creators to feel that the brand placement is not abrupt and can create a closer and more natural connection with their audience.

So how can brands authentically embed content reviews in TikTok and make sure the time invested is worth it? In addition to creating interesting videos for your brand, it's important to develop a strategy around TikTok's content properties - especially to really reach your target audience naturally and build great fan relationships.

How can brands engage with TikTok's content?

Search for tags on topics related to your brand or product

A good way to find out if your brand is mentioned is to search for your brand name or hashtag to see if creators on TikTok are using it in their video content. You can also search for relevant hashtags to engage in conversations where your brand might appear. As an example, an online celebrity KOL on TikTok tagged two brands she is using for cosmetics, and those brands can easily search for that content and leave interesting interactive comments in the comment section, naturally and authentically planting the brand's message.

If you're a new beauty brand or a competing brand with a great concealer, then this is the perfect time to interact in the comments section, where you can offer flawless product guidance or funny compliments to grab the attention of your online celebrity and its fan audience. The more content interaction a brand does, the better its chances of being seen! But please don't be one of those brands that says the same thing to everyone, take a few seconds to watch their video and leave a funny interactive comment is most important.

For example, leaving a comment, as the Revlon brand did in this video, can not only increase brand exposure but also gain brand favorability. Watch the video

Align with the voice of your brand

Your brand voice is your brand personality, the unique way your brand is presented to the world. The tone in which you present your brand should be consistent across all platforms. Maybe you want your brand to be comedic and use a funky tone like Wendy's on Twitter, or you may prefer a more highbrow, serious tone. Either way, choose a brand voice tone, stick to it, and always show a brand personality and customer care in your interactive content comments.

Truthful review of content comments

Reviewing and responding to your own brand's comments on TikTok should also use a consistent brand voice. For example, Wendy's likes to respond quickly to comments under interesting content that some people post, and this is important for both positive and negative content. Of course, it's important to make sure you have qualified social media specialists reviewing these comments, and when your customers have questions or are looking for help on TikTok, you can quickly address them in the video comments. Either way, the practice of showing that you are listening to your customers and want to connect with them is one of the best ways to boost brand goodwill and retain customers. Click to watch the Wendy's video

Learn how other brands are interacting with users' content on TikTok

If you're not sure where to start when doing overseas social media marketing, take a look at what other brands are doing. Above we've shared some examples of brands that are engaging with TikTok content the right way, so refer back and invest time upfront to see what other brands in your competitive market are doing, and then develop your own brand engagement strategy. Maybe you like the quirky style of Wendy's, or maybe you prefer to keep it light and professional like Revlon. Either way, determine the communication style that works best for your brand and stick to it based on the attributes of your followers on TikTok.

Whether you're a well-known brand or a new brand that's using social media like TikTok to grow, connecting with your audience in the comments should be the focus of your strategy. The more you connect, the more you take the time to understand who is talking about you, who is recommending you, and who is criticizing you, all can develop your brand's interactivity on social media. When users scroll through content on TikTok even, authentic brand voices and comments have the opportunity to be seen, thus building better brand engagement.

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